What’s the Correct Thickness for a Concrete Driveway?


If you might be wanting to pour your have concrete driveway, or if you are shopping all-around for offers from contractors, you may well be confused as to how thick your driveway desires to be. This write-up will go over driveway thickness.


How thick the concrete required for a driveway is centered on the pounds of the vehicles that are heading to be employing it. Most homes with autos, vehicles or SUVs can suffice with a concrete slab that is 4 inches thick. This is primarily based on vehicles weighing 10,000 lbs. or considerably less. To give an illustration, an regular SUV or pickup truck weighs amongst 4000 and 6000 lbs, and even a boat on a trailer typically isn’t really a lot more than 8500.

Exactly where you will see the will need for a thicker driveway is if you system to have heavier cars on it. For the regular house, that larger auto is usually an RV. Most RVs start out at 10,000 lbs. and go up to 30,000 (which isn’t going to essentially acquire into account extra weight loaded into it). So if you are looking to uncover a area for your particular RV, you may want to go up to 5 or 6 inches of thickness for your concrete driveway.

Thicker Better for Avoiding Cracking?

Concrete will crack. Period of time. On the other hand, thicker won’t usually signify you are finding a assurance of considerably less cracking. Normally, cracking is triggered by other aspects that can relate to thickness, but are not triggered by the thickness. For example, as pointed out previously mentioned, if much too considerably excess weight is put on a thinner concrete driveway, certainly, it can in the long run direct to cracking. A different main result in of cracking is not owning a reliable base beneath the driveway. Concrete does its most effective on sound surfaces that have no movement. In locations exactly where the ground is largely sand or clay, extreme cracking is much more very likely to occur. And, in this sort of scenarios, a thinner poured driveway would undergo speedier than a thicker one. Nonetheless, a fantastic contractor will know how to lay a appropriate foundation to prep the land for the concrete slab, so irrespective of whether the driveway is 4 inches or 5, safety measures have been taken to guard it from too much cracking. Also, the use of wire mesh or rebar (reinforcing bar) in the laying of the concrete will maintain the integrity of the concrete lengthier, irrespective of the thickness of the slab.

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Selling price Discrepancies

While pricing for the job itself has lots of variables and can fluctuate throughout the state, it is approximately 20% additional concrete cost to go from a four inch thick slab to a five inch thick slab. Even so, including that excess inch boosts your driveway’s bodyweight capability by 50%.

If you do go with the 4 inch thickness, you may conserve money due to the fact that thickness does not involve rebar to fortify it. Most contractors use the over described wire mesh that is substantially cheaper and nonetheless incredibly affective.


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