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    Tilers Dublin, we are top tiling specialist in Dublin. Tilers Dublin is composed of experienced and qualified tilers with over 10 years of experience in the tiling and trade industry. Our team is committed to the work and expertise that is carried out at Tilers Dublin. We provide services at the highest standard possible and we will complete every job that we do as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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  • Professional tiler in Dublin

    Pavelink Limited, a Dublin-based tile company, may tile walls and floors for private individuals, landlords, and business property owners. Any size tiling job, including fully tiled bathrooms, shower enclosures, wet areas, kitchen splashbacks, and flooring, can be assisted by our team. We are also capable of handling bigger commercial tasks.

    Services for Tiling in Dublin

    Our highly skilled floor and wall tilers are completely capable of completing small, medium, and large-scale projects under strict financial constraints and time constraints. Along with tiling, we also perform other tasks including surface preparation, silicone sealant application, grouting, and more.

With the help of our kitchen tiling service, you'll wake up to a completely new kitchen

One of the least expensive methods to entirely remodel your kitchen is by changing the tiles. Click the icon below to view our kitchen tiling gallery.

Bathroom Tiling

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen? Your kitchen can be entirely transformed with the help of a variety of tiles that we can source and install.

The Advantages of Kitchen Flooring

  • Tiles are reasonably priced.
  • Their upkeep is inexpensive.
  • They endure well.
  • There is a vast array of choices.
  • easy to clean
  • There is something for every kitchen.

FAQs about Kitchen Tiling

How much time is required to tile a kitchen?

The size of the kitchen is the determining factor. The typical time to tile a kitchen is four hours for 40 square feet, however this does not include preparation, layout, grouting, or cleaning.

How should kitchen tiles be cleaned?

Kitchen tile may be cleaned with simply a sponge or cloth and soap. You might even need to use the "rougher" side of the sponge, depending on the surface.

If you would want, you could also use specialised tile cleaners.

Can I tile my own kitchen?

It's always best to consult an expert and choose someone who has years of experience overdoing it yourself. You can tile your kitchen yourself if you'd want, but it's always preferable to do it yourself. Professionals are properly insured and equipped to address any faults that may occur. If you attempt to fix it yourself, you run the risk of being held accountable.

Toilet Tiling

To get the stunning appearance you desire when tiling a bathroom or wet room, a professional tiler in Dublin is required.

What Bathroom Tiling Offers

  • Various designs to suit all bathrooms
  • Messes are simple to clean up.
  • Using a towel to dry is straightforward.
  • hard working
  • Almost inert depending on the type of tile

FAQ about Bathroom Tiling

Waterproof bathroom tiles

The idea that tiles are totally watertight is untrue. Although some tile varieties are regarded as "as good as waterproof," they are not entirely waterproof.

What distinguishes porcelain tiles from ceramic tiles?

Although the terms "porcelain" and "ceramic" are frequently used interchangeably, they are actually fairly distinct and more closely related to one another than twins. Porcelain tiles differ from other types of tiles in that they absorb less water.

Which cleaning technique is best for bathroom tiles?

Bathroom tiles can be cleaned using the same methods as other tiles, such as hot, soapy water or a specialised tile cleaner. Additionally, you can use bleach or antibacterial liquid depending on the type.

Tile Flooring

At Pavelink Limited, we offer a variety of floor tiling services to meet all of your tiling requirements. No task is too small or too large.

Tile vs. laminate

  • More non-absorbent is tile.
  • Tile is simpler to fix.
  • Tile lasts a lot longer (75-100 years vs 15-25 years).
  • Both pet-friendly and scratch-resistant.

FAQs on Floor Tiling

What advantages do tile floors offer?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different tile flooring styles to select from, making it easy to discover something you adore. Tile flooring is also contemporary, hypoallergenic, trendy, and easy to clean.

What steps are involved in tiling a floor?

To ensure that everything is in its proper place, we will first make sure to prepare the area before laying down the tiles with spacers. We will start installing the tiles after making sure everything appears to be in order.

Tiling Questions and Answers

Can you tile over already installed tiles?

The answer is yes, but there are a few considerations to take into account. To determine whether your current tiles are securely fastened to your walls or floor and whether they are sturdy enough to sustain the added weight of having new tiles laid on top of them, we will first evaluate them.

Why has my grout broken or come loose?

This indicates that the floor wasn't correctly set up. Making sure you select a respected tiler to complete any job can help you avoid this, which is something we encounter frequently.

What tiles are the toughest?

Because they are so resilient and long-lasting, porcelain tiles have gained popularity for floor tiling during the past ten years or so.

Tiles can be used outside.

Undoubtedly, we can offer external tiling. You should be aware that they will be exposed to changing weather conditions outside. For outdoor tiling, we strongly advise porcelain and nonslip tiles.

Can you replace a tile that's broken?

Absolutely, yes. Any experienced tiler can do it with relative ease. The tile will be taken out and replaced so that it has a brand-new appearance.

Please also visit our imprinted concrete page or if need any sealing products or just simply some groundwork get a free quote today!

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Other Service We Offer Are : Groundwork

  • 1

    Permanent Texture and Colour

  • 2

    Weed Free and No Sinking

  • 3

    Weather Resistant

  • 4

    Oil and Stain Resistant

  • Why Choose Pavelink Limited for all your driveways?

    We specialise in Pattern Imprinted Concrete Driveways, Paths & Patios in Dublin, Kildare & Wicklow counties.

    We dont offer block paving, and this is purely due the huge advantages that Pattern Imprinted Concrete features. Due to the fact that we exclusively provide this professional service, this means that we currently have lengthy knowledge in supplying the Imprinted Concrete laying service utilizing best practice.

    Established for over 7 years at Pavelink Limited Pattern Print Driveways, we use the very best technologies in patterned concrete to provide best top quality textured, driveways, patios and paving.

    We offer a repair & resealing service to existing surfaces laid with pattern imprinted concrete.
    Please phone us on 087 226 0899 for more information.

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